In this section you can find all the relevant articles, working papers and resources related to the NEPSUS project.

NEPSUS Working Paper 2017.1: New Partnerships for Sustainability: Concepts, research design and methodologies 
NEPSUS Working Paper 2017.2: Partnerships for wildlife protection and their sustainability outcomes: A literature review 
NEPSUS Working Paper 2017.3: Tanzania’s partnership landscape: Convergence and divergence in the wildlife sector 
NEPSUS Working Paper 2017.4: Partnerships for the governance of coastal resources: A literature review 
NEPSUS Working Paper 2017.5: Sustainability partnerships for the governance of coastal resources in Tanzania 
NEPSUS Working Paper 2018.1: Partnerships and Governance in Forest Management in Tanzania: Historical and Current Perspectives 
NEPSUS Working Paper 2019.1: Forestry Decentralization Policies and Community-based Forest Enterprises in Tanzania: A Literature Review
NEPSUS Working Paper 2019.2: Governance of Coastal Resources in Southern Tanzania: Comparing Beach Management Units and the Mnazi Bay Ruvuma Estuary Marine Park
NEPSUS Working Paper 2019.3: Interrogating Wildlife Conservation Partnerships in Rufiji and Kilwa Districts, Tanzania: Context, Process and Sustainability Outcomes
NEPSUS Working Paper 2019.4: Governance and Livelihoood Impacts of Forest Conservation Partnerships in Kilwa District, Tanzania


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