In this section you can find all the relevant articles, working papers and policy briefs related to the NEPSUS project.

Journal Articles
Henriksen, L.F., Gallemore, C., Kamnde, K., Silvano, P., Mwamfupe, A. & Olwig, M. (2022). Networks and institutions in sustainable forest use: Evidence from South-East Tanzania. Social Networks.
Minja, R.A., Ponte, S., Mwamfupe, A., Noe, C. & Brockington, D. (2022). The Legitimacy of Sustainability Initiatives in Tanzania. The European Journal of Development Research.
Noe, C. (2020). Regionalizing Tourism through Transfrontier Conservation: Implications for Local Development in Southern Africa. The African Review.
Katikiro, R., Kweka, O., Minja, R.A., Namkesa, F. & Ponte, S. (2021). Stakeholder Engagement and Conservation Outcomes in Marine Protected Areas: Lessons from the Mnazi Bay-Ruvuma Estuary Marine Park (MBREMP) in Tanzania. Ocean and Coastal Management.
Ponte, S., Noe, C. & Mwamfupe, A. (2020). Private Authority and Public Policy in the Global South: Decentralization, Delegation and Securitization in Governance Spheres of Conservation. Regulation & Governance. (Open Access)
Working Papers and Policy Briefs
NEPSUS Working Paper 2017.1: New Partnerships for Sustainability: Concepts, research design and methodologies 
NEPSUS Working Paper 2017.2: Partnerships for wildlife protection and their sustainability outcomes: A literature review 
NEPSUS Working Paper 2017.3: Tanzania's partnership landscape: Convergence and divergence in the wildlife sector
NEPSUS Working Paper 2017.4: Partnerships for the governance of coastal resources: A literature review 
NEPSUS Working Paper 2017.5: Sustainability partnerships for the governance of coastal resources in Tanzania  
NEPSUS Working Paper 2018.1: Partnerships and Governance in Forest Management in Tanzania: Historical and Current Perspectives 
NEPSUS Working Paper 2019.1: Forestry Decentralization Policies and Community-based Forest Enterprises in Tanzania: A Literature Review
NEPSUS Working Paper 2019.2: Governance of Coastal Resources in Southern Tanzania: Comparing Beach Management Units and the Mnazi Bay Ruvuma Estuary Marine Park
NEPSUS Working Paper 2019.3: Interrogating Wildlife Conservation Partnerships in Rufiji and Kilwa Districts, Tanzania: Context, Process and Sustainability Outcomes
NEPSUS Working Paper 2019.4: Governance and Livelihoood Impacts of Forest Conservation Partnerships in Kilwa District, Tanzania
NEPSUS Wildlife Policy Brief: Sustaining Ecological and Livelihood  Outcomes of Wildlife Conservation Partnerships in Tanzania
NEPSUS Forestry Policy Brief: Forest Conservation Partnerships in Tanzania: Lessons Learned on Governance and Livelihood Impacts
NEPSUS Coastal Resources Policy Brief: Lessons from Research on New Partnerships for Coastal Resource Conservation in Tanzania
NEPSUS Overall Policy Brief: Lessons from Research on New Partnerships for Sustainability in Tanzania